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Big referral contest.

Started by Administrator 2018-01-31 at 21:47
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Hello members!

In honor of launching our site, we have prepared for you one of four contests.
Referral match with a prize fund of $ 2000.
Spread information with a link to your account and win up to $ 1000.
The competition will start on February 26, 2018.


1st: 1000$ (instant)
2nd: 500$ (instant)
3rd: 250$ (instant)
4th: 150$ (instant)
5th: 100$ (instant)


- You automatically participate in the competition.
- The winner will be determined at midnight according to server time, on the last day of the competition.
- Prizes will be paid immediately after consideration of the winners.
- The contest will last until 10 / 03 / 2018.
- Only ACTIVE referrals are counted.

Legitimate ways to attract referrals:

* Placement of links,banners on similar sites, monitoring, forums and other sites.
* Involve your family members, friends, acquaintances.
* Advertising OceanClix.com in video blogs and on your pages in social networks.

Prohibited methods of attracting referrals:

! Use of VPN, proxy servers and other anonymizers for cheating referrals.
! Attraction with the help of bonuses or reward for registration.
! Using bots and similar software.

All violations of the conditions of the contest will be punished by excluding the participant from the competition or by suspending the account.
Administration can exclude users in any order without notifying them about it.

Detailed position of the seats in the competition see here.
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