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The administration of the site strongly recommends to study in detail the rules of the service OceanClix, in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflict situations from all sides.

By registering, you confirm that you have read and fully agree with the terms of use of the OceanClix service.
If you do not agree or reject the terms of service, team OceanClix is strongly against having you use our services.


User conditions:


  • Become a member of OceanClix can people from all countries.
  • Users using unreliable information about themselves will be blocked.
  • You can have only one account in the one IP-address. If you have lost or forgotten your account information, we strongly recommend that you contact the technical support of the service.
    The registration of more than one account is strictly prohibited and will be penalized by the suspension and removal of all accounts with the withdrawal of residual funds.
  • You must understand English language. Because it will be needed to use the site, and to communicate with support.
  • It is forbidden to use proxy servers, VPN Services, anonymizers, fake USER-Agent browser and similar methods of hiding your real data.
  • Incorrect and inappropriate user names will be deleted at the discretion of the administration.
  • The account must be yours only. (Relatives, acquaintances, friends, partners - do not need to know your account information and use it.) Otherwise, your account will be stopped and all funds are withdrawn.
  • Use a complex and unique password to your account. To avoid unauthorized access and theft of personal information and funds.
  • When registering, please use your real email. Because activation and recovery letters will come exactly to it. (You can recover the password only via e-mail which was indicated at registration.)
    It is highly discouraged to use email generators, since the service administration can see you as a cheater and suspend your account.
  • Use of autoclickers, bots, scripts and similar software for automatic surfing and viewing of ads is strictly prohibited and punished by suspending and removing your account without refund.
  • Prohibited hacking, attempts to obtain private user information and any such fraud in the direction of the server.
  • Administration of the OceanClix service for its part guarantees the complete privacy of your data and information. For the leakage of data, responsibility lies solely with you.


Terms of advertisers:


  • By placing ads in any form on OceanClix, you confirm that you have read and agree to the rules of the service.
  • If you do not agree and do not accept the terms of use of the OceanClix, we strongly do not recommend using our services.
  • It is forbidden to advertise websites containing violence, propaganda in any form, insults, racism, nationalism, pornography  and discrimination in any of its manifestations.
  • The advertised website should not contain any frames.
  • The advertised website should not contain viruses or similar software that can harm users' computers.
  • It is forbidden to use services for shortening links with subsequent monetization.
  • It is forbidden to use images to ads exceeding the recommended size, otherwise such ads will be deleted without refunds and advertising credits.
    It is also forbidden to use images that are not of an informational nature (for example: images containing elements of pornography and the like...).
  • It is recommended in the title to add a prefix "No Cheat" for filtering views from automated programs or bots. If you do not add a prefix, the administration will do it for you when you confirm the application for advertising.
  • Administration has the right to reject and delete your ad at its discretion, if the terms of use have been violated.


Forum rules:


  • Spam is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to insult the participants and the administration of OceanClix.
  • Insults are prohibited in any form, including hidden ones, propaganda, racism, Nazism, calls for violence and insurrections.
  • Disputes and discussions of political views and opinions are prohibited and will be suppressed in every possible way.
  • It is forbidden to post images of immoral content, pornography, violence, motivation for violence, Nazism, racism and any form of descrimination and human rights violations.
  • For the subsequent ordering of the withdrawal of funds, you must necessarily lay out in the proper section a screenshot with proof of receipt of payment of funds.
  • You have the right to express your opinion and your ideas about the service.
  • You can communicate with your compatriots in the appropriate section on the forum, with the name of your country. (If your country is not among the others, write to technical support, and we will add it urgently.)
  • For any violation of the forum rules, the site administration has the right to block access to the forum or suspend the account.


Financial operations and return policy:


  • All payments should be made using the links available in the "Your account" section.
  • OceanClix supports payment processors: Payza, Perfect Money and Paypal.
  • All purchased services on OceanClix are non-refundable, as services are provided instantly.
  • All information about your indeekatarah payment processor is completely confidential.
  • You can not send money to other participants.
  • After ordering the withdrawal of funds, you can not cancel the order and return the funds to the account balance.
  • The administration of the site pays to the user within 30 days after submitting an application for withdrawal of funds. This rule applies to all types of membership, except gold. Participants who have a gold membership are provided with an immediate payment of funds.
  • For all financial manipulations, you are solely responsible. Administration of OceanClix, never extorts, does not force and does not ask what to buy or use this or that service. Conducting any financial transactions on our service, you do this voluntarily and consciously.
  • If you do not agree with the financial rules of the service OceanClix, then we strongly do not recommend using our service.


Rights and obligations:

  • Administration OceanClix has the full right to suspend, at its discretion, to delete any account without refunds and purchased services.(Without warning or notice to the owner.)
  • Any charge, slander without evidence and grounds, threats and intimidation towards the administration of OceanClix.com anywhere can lead to the suspension or removal of the account with the imposed sanctions towards the offender.
  • You have every right to quality and professional service within the service.
  • You have the full right to participate in all kinds of promotions and competitions within the service.
  • You have full right to a 24-hour connection with the administration of the site and its attendants.
  • The site administration is responsible only for the program and informative part of the site. OceanClix administration is not liable for failures in the server part to which war, terrorism, natural disasters, governmental sanctions, fires or other causes may lead.
  • We are not responsible for violations committed by members of oceanclix.com.



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